Seldom Sun

The sun sets over the serrated hills
The colors bleeding out like an oil spill.
It’s you and me always to the ends of the earth.
And we’re drinking saltwater.

The color in your cheeks is monochrome
As the water level rises in our battered home.
There’s nothing left to do but circle the drain,
So we’re drinking saltwater.

A palsy tremble in the remaining fingers.
The yellow ghost waits, he drips, he lingers.
There’s nothing left but the afterbirth.
And our glasses of saltwater.

Stand at the edge and dance with me, my love
We’ve found no door to walk out of.
I’ll smash the piano and set it on fire,
You pour the saltwater.

Our beautiful home, our diamonds and jewels,
Our curious way, we perilous fools.
Our only choice left is to pick our poison
And our poison is saltwater.

Author: Andy

Writer, storyteller, poet, dreamweaver, fantastician, explicator, translator, innovator, potater

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